YRF Event Distance: Half Marathon

How did you become involved in the world of running:
As a young fellow growing up I was always active and just found myself running everywhere. Through my schooling years, I represented Rocky and Capricornia for cross country. Once I had started working full time in my role as a tradesman, I found that I lost the passion and time to run. 
After a long hiatus (8-9 years) from running, my partner wouldn’t stop bugging me to attend Parkrun in Rockhampton. After my first run, the running bug had hit and the fire in the belly reignited.

What drives your passion to keep running: 
The social aspect of running really drives me to want to get better and better. The support and enjoyment I get from running with friends and family is brilliant. Secondly, I find that the health benefits to running (both mentally and physically) help me to lace up the shoes and hit the footpath or trail.
At the moment I am completing Run Down Under, A virtual run around Australia (14,080k). 

What motivates you on those days that you just don’t want to run: 
Run Down under helps with the days where I just don’t feel like doing much. Wanting to reach each town, setting same goals.
Setting a goal distance at the start of each week and wanting to exceed it. 
Group running also makes lacing the shoes that bit easier. Knowing that there are people to have a chat to while we run or having cheeky little races within a long run. I would also say knowing that there is a new goal or place to run daily helps motivate me to push that bit further. 

How many kilometres have you covered in preparation for YRF: 
A usual week of running from ranges from 50-100km. This is divided up between a casual 5k , track sets, a mid range run 10-15k's, Saturday morning long run 15-30k and a tempo run 10-15k.
To prepare for YRF I will stick to a similar running routine but in the lead up to the event (1-2 weeks out) I will taper decreasing the intensity and distance of each run.

What's your YRF race day goal: 
The goal is the same for each event, keep putting one foot in front of the other all the way to the finish line. Anything extra on top of that is cream.

What will be your race day choice of footwear (Make/Model): 
Brooks Ghost 8. (if not updated before YRF)

Any Pre-race ritual? And go to meal/nutrition before an event: 
Left sock always goes on first, then right and same with shoes. I also just keep a regular routine nothing fancy/different in the lead up. 
Carb loading meal the evening before is usually chicken and pasta or a nice home made lasagna (not store bought)

Your number one tip for injury prevention: 
Rest, rest and REST. Even if you name it something different like active recovery days or repair days…
Rest is just as important, if not more important then training. Overwork any piece of machinery and it will fail, your body is no different.

Your “local” hero? Why: 
Craig McCormack.
He may not be an elite athlete but his attitude towards being active and enjoying what you do is unbelievable. He encourages everyone he comes in contact with and is great to have a chat to not only about running but also life in general.

Favourite sporting quote: 
Running is a two step process;
Step 1: one foot in front of the other
Step 2: repeat step one
“ Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen. -Michael Jordan 

Best advice you’ve been given (Doesn’t have to be sports related): 
You don’t need to be better than the person next to you, you need to be better than the person you were yesterday. 

Thanks Rhys, welcome on board and all the best in the Half Marathon from the YRF Team.