Letty Elspeth


Event Distance: 10kms

How did you become involved in the world of running:
I have always run for as long as I can remember, but there was one moment in high school that probably was pivotal. It was a sports class in high school and we were getting ready for the Athletics Carnival, and we were doing sprints. I can’t Sprint. I just don’t enjoy it, it’s not long enough to get into a rhythm and I just suck at it. So I negotiated with my HPE teacher that instead of doing 100 - 200m sprints I’d run a couple of km’s. And I did. Next minute I was going to cross country training after school.
What drives your passion to keep running:
I think the important thing to remember here is that not every run is amazing, and not every run oozes passion. Running is hard, mentally and physically. And when we can’t physically run (perhaps injured), it’s funny how the passion for it increases. We always want what we can’t have, right!
But what truly drives my passion is the early morning starts, those beautiful sunrises over the ocean, the colours in the sky at dusk, and the endorphin hit that guarantees a good mood!

What motivates you on those days that you just don’t want to run:
Several things will motivate me on the days I don’t want to run. Running knowing I am able to run is a big one. Often I will think, I am so lucky to be able to move my body every day.
Sometimes a big race coming up is also enough to scare me out of bed and into my sneakers. And of course, chocolate is a huge influencer and motivator to run as well.
How many kilometres have you covered in preparation for YRF:
I have just come from the Sunshine Coast 70.3 and am recovering with a 120km on the Great Ocean Road and through the Otway Ranges. So lots of cycling as prep for the YRF.
YRF race day goal:
To run a decent 10kms.

What will be your race day choice of footwear (Make/Model):
I don’t believe in racing flats. I have seen the damage that they do to feet. And I am all for ensuring a quick recovery and minimising post race pain. I shall be wearing what ever shoe I am currently training in, so most likely Mizuno - I desperately need to get some new shoes though.
Any Pre-race ritual? And go to meal/nutrition before an event:
For 10km’s I probably won’t change too much with my diet. Yeppoon can be a bit warm in October, so I shall be making sure I hydrate the day before and that I have balanced, nutrient dense meals and lots of sleep.
Your number one tip for injury prevention:
You aren’t really a runner if you have never been injured. It is such a physically demanding sport. If you are a multi-sport athlete you can get your endorphin hit from cycling or sometimes even swimming, giving those knees and joints a break. I think the number 1 tip for injury prevention is listening to your body, learning the difference between good pain and bad pain. Making sure that you give yourself some TLC and get regular remedial/deep tissue massages to keep everything in check.

Favourite sporting quote:
Short term satisfaction, versus long term gain.
This is actually my own quote. It is a gentle reminder to not seek satisfaction from running and pushing through bad pain. To endure the lows of injury, and to be patient. So that in the long term, you can simply run.
Best advice you’ve been given (Doesn’t have to be sports related):
I will never forget someone telling me many years ago, that if my legs got tired to run with my arms. If you swing your arms fast, it’s impossible for your legs to not get faster and match the speed/cadence of your arms… try it!
Thanks Letty and the best of luck from us all at the YRF.